About The Commerce Co

We build the infrastructure that powers eCommerce.

Our mission is to make life easier and business more fun for merchants with our suite of eCommerce tools. We support merchants in their day-to-day operations with community support, training and educational tools to help navigate the eCommerce journey.

We simplify the increasingly complex world of eCommerce. Each of our products is a handpicked component of a new generation of digital infrastructure designed to enable eCommerce success and stimulate business growth.

We build the infrastructure that powers eCommerce.

Our founding team

Our vision is to democratize access to eCommerce success by building software and resources that empower founders to fulfil their business potential. We know how important access to software and resources is for business development because it was an open opportunity that brought us here…
Cameron Priest
Cameron Priest
Co-Founder & Director | TCC

Cameron has over 12 years of experience in eCommerce and working closely with  Shopify merchants and app developers.

Cameron built and led TradeGecko as its CEO - a leading inventory and order management platform for eCommerce brands, SME wholesalers and distributors to help them manage their entire businesses, sales and supply chain - all in one place.

TradeGecko was acquired by Intuit (a US-based global tech MNC) in Sep 2020 for USD$100M.At the point of acquisition, TradeGecko was a profitable business serving thousands of omnichannel commerce businesses in over 100 countries, processing USD 5 billion in GMV. TradeGecko exiting to Intuit to become a trusted partner to over 7 million small businesses around the globe.

Cameron started TradeGecko for the sole reason to assist small businesses, to allow merchants and brands to do what they love and that purpose is still at the heart of what he has built at TCC.

Patrick Barnes
Patrick Barnes
Co-Founder & Director | TCC

Patrick Barnes was the first VP of Sales at TradeGecko. TradeGecko scaled from $0 - $1m revenue under his leadership. He has had 10+ years of experience working closely with Shopify and its app developers & merchants.

Patrick left TradeGecko in 2016 to build Advocately which focused on helping businesses grow by building better relationships with their customers by enabling customer reviews, testimonials and case studies on their advocacy portal.
Advocately exited to G2 in 2019 and Patrick joined the Senior Product Leadership to build the leading B2B SaaS review automation product and lead product for the largest SaaS marketplace for the world.

Solutions to make scaling simple

We empower founders to start, grow, and scale their businesses. We do this by building, acquiring, and developing leading eCommerce solutions that deliver real-time results for merchants at every stage of the entrepreneurial journey.
product reviews

The application is amazing, really boosted my conversion. We ran into some issues when going multilanguage on the website, but the support was very responsive and helpful!

Barney Cools

SM Property

Great app, customer service is extremely responsive and helpful with customizing upsells. My only slight tweak is I wish it loaded a tad faster in the background, but that is only ever an issue if you click "add to cart" immediately when landing on a product page.


United States
SM Property

Never in my whole life have I experienced customer service as good as Addition. They are so quick to respond, patient, and so helpful, and it is highly appreciated. I never ever write reviews so trust me when I say that this is 110% worth every cent, and makes checkout so much easier.

Four Elevens


Our Company Values

In an ecosystem that is changing as rapidly as eCommerce, values are more important than ever.
Customer Obsession
We start with the end result in mind; make happy customers for happy merchants.
We decentralized decision making so that our teams are empowered to utilise their genius always.
Build a World Class Team
We find brilliant people to work on brilliant ideas and give them all the support they need to deliver their finest work.
Bias for Action
We run with an MVP model to stay ahead of the exponential eCommerce curve. We see an opportunity and do what needs to be done.
We maintain an agile mind in every aspect of our operation. The resilient can withstand a shock, while the agile grow under pressure.
Premeditated Success
We believe that success can be assumed when you combine strategic planning and decades of experience with a genuine love for problem solving.
Be Unreasonable
We hold ourselves to the highest standards while we pursue remarkable outcomes for our merchants, founders, businesses builders and developers.
We look at each opportunity for growth from every angle. We take a panoramic approach to ensure every outcome is primed for 360* impact with maximum efficiency.
Be Legendary
We have already created a lasting impression in the eCommerce space, we continually strive to build a legacy we can all be proud of.
Future Focused
We employ long-term thinking as a competitive advantage to design solutions that support future generations. We are building the future of eCommerce infrastructure for the world we want to live in today.